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Who we are and Why we are here

Catherine Sandiford




Mission Statement:

Welcome Single Moms!

Best Options For Single Moms provides single moms and their children with an opportunity for enhancing personal growth, self-confidence and financial stability through educational solutions and the exchange of parenting techniques.

Single mothers face many challenges when bringing up our children without the biological father in the household. Some of us have become a Single Mom because of divorce, separation or widowhood. However, many of us have never been married, and may have also become single mothers by choice. Regardless of your circumstance, our goal is to provide enough information to help make your daily difficult choices a little easier.

We believe that a happy Mom will raise a happy Child. Through the exchange of experiences, ideas and solutions, we hope to further our common welfare and the well being of our children.

Who is Catherine Sandiford?

I am a Single Mom – not by choice, but by circumstance.  I was born in Barbados, left my beautiful Island in 1986 for College, and became a US Citizen in 2006.  Over the years, I have learned and experienced many things which I believe will help other single mothers like me in similar situations. Some information will be shared publicly and many responses will be shared in private one-on-one emails or conversations because of the sensitive personal nature.

Where have I been?

I have been an Athlete, Netballer, Violinist, Entertainer, College Grad, Pre-School Teacher, MBA Grad, young Financial Consultant, Personal and Small Business Banker, Insurance Agent, Junior Investment Broker, Homeowner, College President’s daughter, Mom, Mortgage Processor, Auditor and Funder, Entrepreneur, Dropshipper, and Affiliate Marketer. For the young christian Moms, I have also been the Preacher’s daughter, and I am a Gospel choir lead Singer at my church. I have loved unconditionally, and I have also been disappointed and hurt.

Over the past 6 years, I’ve developed a passion for Online Marketing and Affiliate Marketing. I’ve found that many people want to get their own online business started, but they do not know how. There are a lot of shiny objects, products, webinars, and pieces of the puzzle everywhere, but it is very difficult to find someone who actually wants to walk you through the basic steps. I have listed the basics steps here for those who are considering starting an online business. If you are a Single Mom who is interested in starting your own business, please let me know.

I decided to create a place where you can come to when you need to make a Healthy, Wealthy and Better Choice: For you! A place to provide information and options which will allow you to achieve the goals that you have set for yourself and your family. I will also share products, services, links to other blogs and websites that I have found valuable to me, to help make your journey as a Single Mom a little easier.

Your comments are always welcome … Please visit us again soon.

Much success to you!
Catherine Sandiford